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Bicycle Tire Manufacturers

Tire Manufacturer Website Url
Arrow Racing
Continental http://www.conti-online.com/
Hutchinson http://tires.hutchinson.fr
Intense http://www.intensetires.com/
IRC http://www.irctire.com/
Kenda http://www.kendausa.com/
Maxxis http://www.maxxis.com/
Nokian http://www.nokiantyres.com/bike/
Panaracer http://www.panaracer.com/
Schwalbe http://www.schwalbetires.com/
Specialized http://www.specialized.com/
Tioga http://www.tiogausa.com/
WTB http://www.wtb.com/

If you know of another manufacturer that we haven't listed, email us the name and the website if they have one, and we will add them.


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