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A helmet is an absolute necessity for all types of biking. Don't ever go out riding without a helmet, and this is especially true if you are jumping or riding fast. For any type of Downhill, Freeriding, Dirt Jumping, or Urban Assault riding, we recommend a full face helmet. This will help protect your entire head from being destroyed in the event of a crash at high speed or from a high height. You probably don't need a full face helmet for XC riding or cruising, but when you start getting air, its best to protect your entire dome. Skate helmets, BMX helmets, and some new mountain bike helmets provide more protection than traditional mountain bike helmets, if you dont want to go full face. Helmets save lives, so use them.


For XC, Downhill, and Freeriding, a good stiff set of biking shoes is needed. Use the correct pedals for the type of riding that you are doing. Nothing is worse or more embarrassing, than having a foot slip and racking yourself while cruising down a hill at 45mph. Use full size pedals for downhill and freeriding, and use a good set of shoes. If you like using clip-in style pedals, make sure you have the full foot version and not the smaller XC style pedals.

For Dirt Jumping, Urban Assault, and jumping you need to be able to bail off your bike in a hurry. Often that extra half second it takes to unclip, is the difference between a big fall and a serious injury. Use good stiff shoes that have good traction and are comfortable. Stiff skate shoes work well but there are shoes that are made for biking that work better if you can afford them. Don't use sneakers, or running shoes because the soles aren't stiff enough and they tend to slip on bike pedals.


A good set of gloves is essential for riding. You need a set that are thin enough on the palms to allow a good grip on the handlebars, but still provide enough padding to protect your hands. Gloves are available in traditional leather as well as, nylon, kevlar, and neoprene for better durability and better resistance to water. There are several good manufactureres for bike gloves, but most importantly find a pair that is durable and fits well.


There are several other padding options available for riders. These range from shin and knee guards and elbo pads, to full body armor. These paddings start to become necessary as the speed goes up and the jumps get bigger.


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