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Bicycle Manufacturers

Bike Manufacturer Website Url
Azonic * http://www.azonicusa.com/
Banshee   http://www.bansheebikes.com/
BICYCLES LE TOY   http://www.abikeonline.com/
Bontrager *  
Cannondale   http://www.cannondale.com/
Cove   http://www.covebike.com/
Dean   http://www.deanbikes.com/
Diamondback   http://www.diamondback.com/
Ellsworth * http://www.ellsworthbikes.com/
Epic   http://www.epicti.com/
Fetish Cycles   http://www.fetishcycles.com/
Foes * http://www.foesracing.com/
Gary Fischer * http://www.fisherbikes.com/
Giant   http://www.giant-bicycle.com/
GT   http://www.gtbicycles.com/
Haro   http://www.harobikes.com/
Jamis   http://www.jamisbikes.com/
KHS   http://www.khsbicycles.com/
Klein * http://www.kleinbikes.com/
Kona * http://www.konaworld.com/
Litespeed   http://www.litespeed.com/
Marin   http://www.marinbikes.com/
Mongoose   http://www.mongoose.com/
Moots   http://www.moots.com/
Raleigh   http://www.raleighusa.com/
Rocky Mountain Bicycles * http://www.rocky-mountain.com/
Santa Cruz * http://www.santacruzmtb.com/
Schwinn   http://www.schwinn.com/
Sinister   http://www.sinisterbikes.com/
Slingshot   http://www.slingshotbikes.com/
Specialized   http://www.specialized.com/
Surly   http://www.surlybikes.com/
Titus   http://www.titusti.com/
Trek   http://www.trekbikes.com/
Ventana   http://www.ventanausa.com/
VooDoo (they're back) * http://www.voodoocycles.net/
Yeti   http://www.yeticycles.com/

(*) - These are our favorite brands of bike manufacturers. Unfortunately most of these manufacturers are no longer producing bikes, or they have been bought out by larger corporations. If you know of another manufacturer that we haven't listed, email us the name and the website if they have one, and we will add them.


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